What is Recuperation?

While recovery is mainly linked to intensive care patients, recuperation goes broader while used in the catabolic stressed animal. Recuperation by definition means restoring the animal back to normal health status.

What is Viyo Recuperation?

Viyo Recuperation is a new product and product category for veterinary clinics. It is a breakthrough in recuperation therapy of post-surgery, debilitated and weakened cats and dogs of all ages, helping them to get back in optimal health during their 14 days recuperation period. It is not replacing any product currently being used on the market.

Viyo Recuperation is a highly palatable and low calorie recuperation fluid. It contains all essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids) and can be classified as the most complete, 100% natural, nutraceutical on the market without any artificial colorant or preservatives added.
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When to use Viyo Recuperation?

Viyo Recuperation is used in post-surgery situations, for debilitated, weakened and older pets, as well as for giving a health boost to puppies and kittens.
Vet clinics use this product in most catabolic stress situations such as: anorectic, cancer, exhausted, post-surgical, debilitated, weakened, geriatric pets, as well as puppies and kittens needing a health boost after vaccination. Dogs and cats in boarding facilities, GI patients (for example parvovirosis cases), pancreatitis, chronic renal failure, liver problems or other indications will be supported by this product. Chicken allergy and IBD patients are the only contraindicated patients for Viyo Recuperation.

When to use Viyo Recuperation?

Using Viyo Recuperation?

To obtain an optimal effect , the recommended time to use Viyo Recuperation is 14 days. The pet owner will be included in the recuperation process of the animal, as the dog or cat will spend most of the time at home for a better and faster recuperation.

How to use Viyo Recuperation?

Ideally , serve Viyo Recuperation pure, in the morning, before the first meal, for an optimal uptake of all the nutrients.

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