Using Viyo Recuperation?

During 14 consecutive days

Because of its complete formulation and high palatability, this recuperation fluid will have an optimal result if provided next to the daily diet, and this during 14 consecutive days by the pet owner to their animal, at home.
This must be started no later than day 3 in the recuperation period of the animal.
Daily supplementing of the 4 important recuperation nutrients: glutamine, arginine, taurine and omega 6/3 fatty acid
(cat ratio : 5,8/1, dog ratio : 6,5/1).

Best served pure, in the morning before the meal, for an optimal uptake of all nutrients.

First 24-48 hours

The first 48 hours in recuperation are all about stimulating the gut functioning as soon as possible after illness or surgery (2 hours).
Viyo Recuperation is easily administered (fluid).

Stimulate the immune function. Some nutrients are strongly depleted under any catabolic stress situation, especially glutamine as being the most important recuperation nutrient for animals. The animal will not synthesize enough of those recuperation nutrients under any stress situation and a supplementation is a must, to help the animal recuperate in an optimal way. On top, wound healing will also benefit from those recuperation nutrients, such as glutamine.